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The Christian Science Reading Room is a place you can visit for quiet study and prayer. Our Reading Room is located adjacent to our church at 4125 Shelbyville Road, in the heart of St. Matthews. The Reading Room is currently open Monday & Thursday, 11am-2pm, Sunday and Wednesday immediately before and after our services, or by appointment.

The Reading Room is a place in our community where you can learn about spiritual healing.  Open to everyone, it is a combination bookstore, library, and information center about the Bible and Christian Science. Come in and browse, use the resources, and enjoy the quiet atmosphere for your spiritual exploration.

The Reading Room also has Christian Science reference materials available for study, to borrow, or to purchase. Here are some samples of what’s available:

Science and HealthScience and Health with Key to the Scriptures is available in hardcover and paperback. It is also available in German, Spanish, French, Indonesian and Japanese.

Bible Reference – An assortment of Bible References are available; atlases, concordances, and child-level references.

The Herald – The Herald of Christian Science is available in many languages.

Special Reprints Include:

  • Teen Herald

  • My Herald (for young children)

  • Spirituality in Sports

  • Woman, Her Undeniable Worth

  • The Future of Medicine & Medicine of the Future

  • Cancer Healed


Periodicals – We have an assortment of periodicals established by our leader, Mary Baker Eddy, including The Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel.

Children’s Books – A collection of children’s books are available to teach children about The Bible and how to use this knowledge in everyday experiences.

Pamphlets – A variety of pamphlets are on hand to guide you through everyday scenarios.

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